A day in the life of a pound


This is the opportunity to think about money and how we make use of it. Have you ever wondered where a £1 might travel in a day? What journey will the £1 take from pocket or purse, to shop or bank? Create a story about a £1 coin and its adventures in the course of one day.

What will my child learn:

Learning about money can be fun, it’s about real life and making the most of what we have. Using what you have in your pockets or cupboards and talking about things you are already doing makes having money experiences at home easy.

'A day in the life of a pound' will allow children to:

  • Develop knowledge of making payments for items or services
  • Increase awareness of coin recognition
  • Understand that different people make different decisions related to money

Financial Education Planning Framework: How to manage money

Getting started

If your child has a money box ask them if they have a pound that would like to come on an adventure! Alternatively offer a pound from your pocket or purse, (you could ask your child to complete a ‘job’ to earn the pound first).

Discuss your plans for the day, are you walking to the local shops or going on a day out, who else is spending the day with you? How are they going to keep their pound safe during its journey? Is their pound important to them, why/why not?

Think about where it will be spent. What happens once they have spent the £1, where does it go next? Is it given in change to the next customer, or does it get counted up ready to be banked? Does it get spent again, and again, put into a machine, dropped in the street or lost in a pocket?

Now create a character for the £1 coin and draw a story board based on this character’s adventures.

Money talk

Have a discussion about where £1 might go in a day and who might hold it, how else might it be kept safe?

Will a £1 have a different type of day depending on who owns it? Would different people spend it in different ways?

What kind of character might a £1 be? Does their character change depending on who owns them?

What can you buy with £1 and will you receive any other coins in change?

How many different people has your £1 met during its day? Has it been useful, in what ways?

Get Creative!

Take photos to show where your £1 travels on its journey. You can look back over the pictures at the end of the day and ask/re-ask some of the questions above. Alternatively, use the photos to create your story board at home. You might want to create a slide show or film with your pictures and add text or sound. There are endless ways to get creative with the story of your pound’s day.


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A day in the life of a pound

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