It’s time for some good old fashioned cutting and sticking! This is your chance to let your imagination roam and create a cloud full of dreams and aspirations. What do you aspire to have when you grow up (including the adults) and how much will this cost. This task is about looking at how you can achieve these aspirations – a job, earnings, savings, bank accounts, interest etc.

What will my child learn:

All children have dreams about things they want or wish they could do, perhaps it’s a dream of owning a unicorn or having a giant football pitch in their garden. These are lovely dreams to have but why not help them plan some achievable aspirations as well, and allow them the opportunity to look at the cost of these “wants” and how they could achieve them.

‘Aspirations’ will allow children to:

  • Increase understanding of the difference between needs and wants
  • Develop their aspirations for their future
  • Encourage understanding of financial terms

Financial Education Planning Framework: Managing risks and emotions associated with money

Getting started

Allocate some space and some time to start your aspirations project. Collect a range of printed media e.g.: magazines, catalogues, travel brochures, local information leaflets etc. along with a big sheet of paper or an old roll of wallpaper. You’ll also need some glue, a pair of scissors and some felt-tips or crayons to get crafty!

Money talk

Have a conversation with your children about what you would like to have or experience like a holiday or new car – what would these things cost and how could you afford them? Could you save? Could you work more? Could you cut down on the things you already pay for?

You could cut out pictures of the things you already have to pay for and stick them next to pictures of the things you aspire to. Now ask your child the same thing, what do they want and how could they achieve them?

If you have done the jobs around the house activity you could use this as a starting point. If not, start with a family aspiration and work as a team to plan how you might achieve it.

Get Creative!

Create your aspirations clouds using pictures cut from the magazines you have available, draw pictures if you like. The idea is to make it as bright and colourful as possible. You could create headings such as ‘When I grow up I want to be …’; ‘Things I will need …’; ‘Things I want …’; Things I dream about …’. Display your ‘clouds’ in your home to enable you to revisit on a regular basis. You could add to it or take away from it as and when you want to or when you have achieved something.

Remember aspirations aren’t always things that can be bought!


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