Brand challenge


Big brand products make lots of money by persuading us that they are the best, but are they really? Why pay more for something just because it has a flashy logo on it. Are your family members ‘brand addicts’ or ‘smart shoppers’. Here’s your chance to find out if you can really taste the difference!

What will my child learn:

As consumers we often buy things just because there is a logo on the product or a fun, exciting advert makes us think it’s a fantastic product. Learning to be a smart shopper and appreciating that we can make choices about whether to buy branded or non-branded products is a great skill to have.

Brand Challenge will allow children to:

  • Understand value for money
  • Increase awareness of brand recognition
  • Understand that different people make different choices in relation to spending money

Financial Education Planning Framework: Becoming a Critical Consumer

Getting started

Do you purchase brands and economy in your weekly shop? Would your family know the difference – now is the opportunity to start saving on your bills.

Set up a blind taste test using the contents of your cupboards or fridge – brand versus shops own. Consider your taste test products – crisps, ketchup, beans, chocolate, but you can chose anything to suit your family. You just need to have a shop brand version and a big brand version of the same food item to compare.

Money talk

Use the logo activity to get children thinking about brands and the products we associate with them. What products do they “NEED” (or feel they couldn’t live without)?

As a family discuss if you think brands always taste better? Which brands would they always buy? Do they know how much more branded products cost than shop brand versions? Why do they think shop brands are cheaper? Some shops have several versions of their own brand products – economy and premium – you could taste test these too if you want. Which shops produce their own cheaper and more expensive brands?

Get Creative!

Set up you own Taste Test Challenge:

You’ll need:

  • Plates/cups to serve the food items
  • Score sheets – you can make your own or use the score sheets template
  • A selection of different food items to taste – see the taste test list

Get you competitors ready!

Brand challenge

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