Find out about a food bank


Charity begins at home so the saying goes! Those who are less fortunate need our support and it’s not just about money. We can help in all sorts of ways such as donating unwanted items to a charity shop, volunteering to raise money for a favourite organisation or giving specific items to support a particular type of charitable work e.g. food items to a food bank. Can you complete the challenge to support your local food bank?

What will my child learn:

The need for charitable support is a situation that some families find themselves in, giving children the opportunity to understand why this might happen and how support is given enables them to have a rounded view of the world.

‘Find out about a food bank’ will allow children to:

  • Understand how charities can help others
  • Develop an awareness of why people may need support
  • Understand that different people make different decisions related to money
  • Consider how they can make a difference to the lives of others

Financial Education Planning Framework: Understanding the important role money plays in our lives

Getting started

What is a food bank and how does it work? Do you know where your local one is? As a family find out about your local food bank and the items they need using the internet, Citizens Advice or library.

Money talk

Have a discussion around why people might need to access food banks and how they can do this? Reflect on how this information/knowledge makes them feel? How can you as a family help the food bank and the families that access it?

Create your own family food NEEDS list. Think about what you buy each day or week, how much of it is items you really need or just things you want?

Are the items provided by food banks food wants or needs? Why? Set up a challenge to collect items from your house/friends/family to give to your local food bank. What other ways might you be able to help?

Use your food needs list to help you collect some items from your home to donate to the food bank. Remember everyone likes the odd treat, so food banks also encourage people to donate ‘extras’ which can provide a boost to someone that doesn’t have very much.

Get Creative!

Design a poster to tell your friends and other families about the food bank, why you’ve helped and why they should too. Include photos of you donating or items that you have donated.


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Find out about a food bank

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