Jobs around the house


It’s time to give the children of the house some financial responsibility and get them to earn their pennies to spend. This is all about a challenge for the family to create a job sheet for the whole household - with jobs to do and how much they are worth. The task will include negotiating the jobs and the amount of money attached to them.

What will my child learn:

Increasing your child’s experiences with money ensures they will become confident members of society, and consider their own skills development.

The ‘Job Sheet’ will allow children to:

  • Increase awareness of where money comes from
  • Understand that we need to work to earn money
  • Develop financial responsibility
  • Encourage decision making skills

Financial Education Planning Framework: Understanding the important role money plays in our lives

Getting started

Set aside some time as a family to sit down and begin the journey of thinking about where money comes from. Do your children expect money from your purse or wallet without considering how it gets there? It may be time to look at financial responsibility and how they can start to make decisions around how they get their money and what they do with it.

Money talk

As a family talk about where money comes from – earnings, benefits, investments, savings etc. It is important that children understand the important role work and earnings play in our lives, so talk about the “jobs” that have to be done in the home and make a list e.g.:

Make the bed in the morning
Put washing in the basket
Empty rubbish bins
Walk the dog / clean out hamster cage / take care of pet
Put shopping away

Once you’ve agreed a list of different jobs that need to be done around the house, every member of the family can start to take responsibility for these jobs, so who wants to do what? Is there a job that no one wants to do?

Well, now you need to agree a price (payment) for each job – should that job which everyone is so reluctant to do pay the most? You might want to think about jobs that can be done as a team – should these be given a low or high price as more people are doing it, but you have to work as a team. If you don’t want to ‘pay’ your children for each job you could convert the price into tokens and in order to get pocket money they have to accrue X number of credits across the week, or create a list of ‘rewards’ for money ‘earned’ e.g. choosing what to watch on TV, or extra screen time.

Get Creative!

Create your family Job Chart, use the template to give yourselves ideas of what this might look like. Use photos of each job and family member to make it visual and eye catching. Display in your home and have fun with it. It could become a challenge or competition!


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Jobs around the house

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