Make a money box


Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves, learning how to take care of our money is a first stepping stone in developing good money management skills. Helping your child to save even small amounts will support learning around saving and planning for the future, helping them understand the need to have some money put aside ‘just in case’ of emergencies or unexpected events. This challenge is about making a money box in which to save their money.

What will my child learn:

This creative activity designing and making a money box helps to make learning fun – at the same time it provides the opportunity to talk about the need for savings and have conversations about what this means for them – at the end they have something they can make practical use of.

‘Make a money box’ will allow children to:

  • Create something they can use as a learning tool
  • Increase awareness of coin recognition
  • Allow discussions around savings
  • Begin to develop sensible attitudes towards saving and spending

Financial Education Planning Framework: Managing risks and emotions associated with money

Getting started

Download and print your own money box, choosing the character you would like. Follow the instructions on the print out to construct your money box, you will need: scissors and glue.

Money talk

Whilst you are making the money box talk with your children about saving – what does saving mean, why we should save and how we can save. If you can, talk about your own saving experiences with them – what have you been able to save up for and how did it make you feel? Finally, explain that having a money box helps to keep your money safe.

Get Creative!

To help your child to make their money box from scratch you will need:
Balloons, PVA glue, newspapers, paint and other decoration items e.g stickers, foam shapes, wobbly eyes, feathers, shiny paper.

  • Mix a paste of PVA glue and water
  • Cover newspaper in paste and cover balloon
  • Leave to dry
  • Pop the balloon with a pin
  • Cut a small slot in the top of the money box and a small hole in the bottom of the money box (this could be plugged by a cork)
  • Decorate


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Make a money box

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