Shopping trail


How well do you know your local area? The village or town you live in will have some small shops or home businesses – you may just not be aware of some of them. Local businesses create local jobs and bring added benefits to the local community as a whole. Supporting local businesses is a great way to help our local community, but will it cost us more? Do you have a good picture of what is available in your local area without having to travel further away to shop?

What will my child learn:

Children understand that things they need and want come from shops but it is important for them to appreciate value for money, shopping local and how and why prices might differ between supermarkets and local small businesses.

‘Shopping Trail’ will allow your child to:

  • Develop knowledge of local shops and businesses
  • Increase awareness of how prices differ depending on where you buy
  • Understand that different people make different decisions related to money
  • Consider the choices they make about what and where to buy

Financial Education Planning Framework: Becoming a Critical Consumer

Getting started

Take a journey around your town or village. What shops do you have on your doorstep and what do they offer your family? Visit as many as you can to find out what they sell and to gain an idea of prices.

You are going to map your journey, so you will need a big piece of paper or roll of lining paper, some pens and access to a phone with a camera and a printer.

Take photos of your local shops and make notes about what they sell and how much things cost.

Money talk

Why do you shop where you shop and what factors do you take into consideration? Start a discussion as a family around shops in the local area and why they sell what they do and think about the prices they charge.

Are there reasons why people might chose a specific shop – could it be because of geographical location, accessibility, they know people who work there, the particular items they sell or price of the items they need?

Are small shops more expensive than shopping in a larger supermarket? Why might this be?

Even if prices are higher than bigger shops, should you shop local rather than travelling to the bigger shops? How as a family can you make a difference to your local businesses?

Get Creative!

Create your own map showing these small businesses and what they sell. Make it eye catching as it could be a useful tool not just for your family but also as something to show in school. Which shops do you already use? Which other shops might you decide to use and why?

Make a pledge using your map – it could be to use one local shop each month.

Shopping trail

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