Start a trend


Do you have what it takes to be trend setters? As a family create your own trend - create a new recipe idea using items from your kitchen and create a dish for the family for £5.

What will my child learn:

This activity combines problem solving with money management and adds food to the equation too! A fun and active way to look at budgeting and costs.

‘Start a Trend’ will allow children to:

  • Develop knowledge of budgeting for a purpose
  • Encourage problem solving skills
  • Understand needs and wants

Financial Education Planning Framework: Becoming a Critical Consumer

Getting started

Remember the ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ TV programme? Well now’s your chance to get cooking. You will need to be able to look at the contents of your kitchen cupboards and probably the fridge too. Ask your children to list all the items you have available to use. Once this has been done its time to be creative and design your recipe. What combination of ingredients work well together? Will it be a sweet or savoury dish?

Money talk

You have a budget of £5 - how creative can you be? Can you come up with a completely new recipe sensation? What ingredients will you need to use and how can you ensure there is enough for all the family members? Use the internet to price each ingredient you want to use in your recipe. Don’t forget to compare prices from one shop to another as you might be able to save money. Once you’ve priced up how much it will cost to make, work out how much each serving will cost?

Get Creative!

Create your ingredients list and method of cooking. If you can, have a go at actually making the recipe - you can take photos and create a storyboard or write a blog about your family cooking experience, your new recipe ideas and how you are saving money.


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Start a trend

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