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Guidance for Teachers
  • Check it Financial Education Planning Framework showing linked Cha-Ching lessons
Lesson 1 - Earn, Save, Spend, Donate
  • Check it Flash cards
  • Check it Band profiles
  • Check it Save, spend, donate poster
  • Check it Money flow diary
  • Check it Lesson 1 outline
Lesson 2 – It’s Got To Be Earned
  • Check it My skills, my future
  • Check it Lesson 2 outline
Lesson 3 – Entrepreneur
  • Check it Justin's businesses
  • Check it Billboards of the band's ideas
  • Check it Lesson 3 outline
Lesson 4 – Grow Money
  • Check it Arithmetic problems
  • Check it Arithmetic problems (answers)
  • Check it Lesson 4 outline
Lesson 5 – Saving For Success
  • Check it Band members' long term goals
  • Check it Diamond nine cards
  • Check it Interest activity
  • Check it Interest activity (answers)
  • Check it Lesson 5 outline
Lesson 6 – Just In Case
  • Check it Case studies
  • Check it Case studies (answers)
  • Check it Case studies 2
  • Check it Case studies 2 (answers)
  • Check it Emergency savings table
  • Check it Emergency savings table (answers)
  • Check it Lesson 6 outline
Lesson 7 – Spend Your Money Wisely, My Friend
  • Check it Venn diagram cards
  • Check it Venn diagram display
  • Check it Needs/wants budget planner
  • Check it Lesson 7 outline
Lesson 8 – Please Little Spender, Think
  • Check it Advertising tricks of the trade
  • Check it Pepper's till receipt
  • Check it Lesson 8 outline
Lesson 9 – Charity
  • Check it Scenarios worksheet
  • Check it Lesson 9 outline
Lesson 10 – When You Get Money
  • Check it Board game base (A3)
  • Check it Board game cards
  • Check it Board game rules
  • Check it Lesson 10 outline
Lesson 11 – Back To The Budget
  • Check it World tour balance sheet
  • Check it Chris and Robin case study and budget sheet
  • Check it Lesson 11 outline
Lesson 12 – Invisible Money
  • Check it Credit card statement
  • Check it Story board still and grid
  • Check it Lesson 12 outline
Lesson 13 – I Make Money Too
  • Check it Jargon buster
  • Check it Lesson 13 outline
Lesson 14 – Big Big Waste of Money
  • Check it Dear Prudence - Free can be fun!
  • Check it Lesson 14 outline
Lesson 15 – So Yesterday
  • Check it Crazes
  • Check it Crazes (answers)
  • Check it Stikeez case study and questions
  • Check it Stikeez case study (answers)
  • Check it Lesson 15 outline
Lesson 16 – Sweet Pepper Designs
  • Check it Tulip mania story
  • Check it Lesson 16 outline

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